Diamond Earrings

posted on 28 Jan 2011 15:37 by gatewaymanman
Diamond earrings are the most versatile and wonderful accessory that can give an aristocratic look. It goes perfectly with any dress or any hairstyle and adds different shine and glamour in your overall personality. It can be also worn as a daily wear jewel as it is hard and resistant to any kind of scratches. Therefore, diamond earrings are the most wanted jewel among women.

The most common form of diamond earrings is diamond stud that is normally small in shape and protected by a screw that is attached at the end of the earring with a diamond fixed on its centre. Mainly, princess cut and round cut is popular in this category that enhances the look by reflecting its glaze on its wearer.

Traditional hoop earrings and huggy style earrings are also making their mark in diamond market these days. Diamond hoops are generally larger than studs and create their strong visual impact. They come in different styles and sizes; latest being the combination of hoops with a necklace that carry diamonds in the front and back as well. Similar as hoop earrings, huggy style earrings are also large in size and can be wear without a clasp. They look elegant and stylist and enhances the radiance of the face by covering both sides of the ears.

There are different shapes in diamond earrings are available in the market such as round, emerald, princess, oval, marquis and pear that give an excellent touch of beauty to these earrings. Primarily, round cut is the most admired and favored shape in diamond earrings among women as they look classy and gorgeous and compliments their personality equally.

So, it is also a best item for gifts too. It is fit for those who have a class in their taste and quality and who wants everything to be perfect and best. Above all, it is ideal way to say you love and care for her and she is precious and as expensive as this stone called diamond.

“Diamond are girl’s best friend”, this phrase shows the unbreakable association of diamonds with women folk. Over the years, it has won their hearts with its brilliant light, spark and lavish glow. Existed as one of the most precious and expensive stone, diamond are highly appraisable and desirable. Diamonds in the form of neck wears, pendants, rings and brooches are available in the market to memorize its specialty to treasure for ever.

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