Blue Gemstone Bridal Jewelry

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Blue Gemstone Bridal Jewelry – Follow Tradition Whilst Staying in Line with the Fashion

"know what they say: For good luck, besides “something old, something new and something borrowed”, brides should also include “something blue” in their wedding outfits. If you adhere to this popular belief too, but want to take the idea of “something blue” to the next level and turn it into a true fashion statement, then you should definitely give blue gemstone bridal jewelry a chance.

For an added touch of style, authenticity and uniqueness, you can always opt for a vintage blue gemstone jewelry ring, necklace or pair of earrings, or, even better, a well designed piece of handmade jewelry. For an easier time exploring the options available in the market these days, here is a short guide on the most popular types of blue gemstone used in jewelry.

1. Precious Blue Gemstones

Sapphire – The only genuinely precious blue colored gemstone ever discovered, sapphire numbers among the top selling gemstones in the market, irrespective of the items it completes and garnishes. Ruby and sapphire are in fact the same mineral – corundum, and color is the only feature that helps make the distinction between the two precious colored gemstones.

When you ask for sapphire while shopping, don’t be surprised if you are shown a few differently colored assortments besides blue. Although most people prefer it in blue, sapphire can also come in green, yellow, or opaque white, all equally beautiful options nonetheless.

2. Semiprecious Blue Gemstones

Blue Topaz – At the very top of the list with semiprecious gemstones is blue topaz, a stone obtained by heating natural brown topaz and then irradiating it to achieve a brilliant, vibrant blue. Because blue topaz closely resembles aquamarine and costs slightly less than the latter, it makes a very popular medium to include in handmade jewelry and sometimes even bridal jewelry.

Aquamarine – Numbering among the most beautiful translucent blue gemstones in existence, aquamarine sports a deep, intense, hypnotizing blue. In the purest of stones, this blue shading can range from a dark, sapphire blue to a brilliant, light sky blue.

Much similar to blue topaz, aquamarine looks stunning when used in handmade jewelry combined with pearls. Corroborating the milklike luster of pearls with the radiant blue tint of these two much sought after gemstones makes for a very interesting contrast.

Lapis Lazuli – A deep blue or violet-blue stone that can at times enclose streaks of gold-colored iron pyrite, Lapis Lazuli was long believed to possess aphrodisiac powers. This mythical conceit renders it an appropriate jewelry gift to exchange before the wedding, to strengthen the marital bond. Although Lapis Lazuli is also popular among men, it is mainly seen in women’s jewelry earrings, rings and pendants.

Turquoise – Beautiful and intriguing, turquoise is yet another popular semiprecious gemstone, defined by a light blue or blue green tint. These traits render it a suitable choice for less formal or pretentious weddings, where it can even make for an unconventional and hip bridal jewelry ring. And, let’s not forget, turquoise has always been a Native American favorite."

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