Jewelry in Jewish tradition

posted on 20 Dec 2010 07:38 by gatewaymanman
There are many cultures around the world that have a great past behind them. Even if that past is filled with lots of unpleasant events, the believers have struggled and survived, just to become stronger. One of them is the Jewish culture.

Throughout the ages, the Jewish people have been expelled from their homeland or the areas within which they resided. These experiences of moving around have shaped the Jewish culture in many ways, leading to one of the most diversified cultures around the world.

The beauty of it all lies in the unification of those diversities under a single banner. Thus a huge number of symbols with great powers and significance have been adopted by all Jewish people, giving birth to many traditions within the same culture.

The symbols that find their roots deep within the culture have been worn throughout the ages for various purposes and are now available to us as Jewish jewelry. Many believe that they shouldn’t wear this type of jewelry since they are not Jewish. It is not a religion that defines a person, but their beliefs, and if those beliefs are oriented towards such a piece of jewelry, why shouldn’t you have your own?

Jewish jewelry designs are numerous, each of them holding an important significance and powers that can help you improve your life. Even people that lack Jewish beliefs and traditions have found them to be very helpful and they wear them every day.

The most common symbol in Jewish culture is the Star of David. This also happens to be the symbol of Jewish people known around the world, because it is also on the flag of Israel. There are many designs of Jewish jewelry that include the Star of David because it is very powerful and holds a deep significance, one that can be compared to the cross from Christians.

Another symbol found commonly in Jewish jewelry designs is the Hamsa. Shaped like a hand with three raised fingers and two symmetrical thumbs, this is believed to be a powerful protection tool against the evil eye. It is also called the Hand of God and is used as a design for amulets, charms or pendants.

The Merkaba is another symbol that can be found often in Jewish jewelry representations. This is based on the life force energy within ourselves and can provide great protection and health. It helps us with or spiritual growth and allows us to feel unconditional love.

There are lots of other Jewish jewelry designs that have great powers. It would take a book, not an article, to present all the Jewish symbols and each of their powers and how they can help you. You can benefit from their powers if you believe in them.

If you are looking to purchase your own jewelry pieces representing Jewish symbols, there are a few places you should look. The internet is the best place to start your search, and if you would like to narrow down the search field and go right to the target, the website is the best place where you could find all the Jewish designs you could dream of.

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