Cheap Booklets Made Fast

posted on 20 Dec 2010 07:30 by gatewaymanman
Need to print some cheap booklets fast for your special project? Don’t worry, it is not too hard to print booklets quickly, and in terms of cost, there are ways to have them rushed without paying enormous “rush” fees. Let me teach you the fine and fast art of cheap booklet printing “on the go” so to speak. Below are a few tips from the professionals that will help you print those special color booklets within 2 days. You will learn how to design and print booklets quickly and cheaply minimizing any rush costs. So read on and learn.

• Cheap and fast booklet layouts – The cheapest and fastest way to create booklet layouts is for you to get some booklet templates. Hiring a separate layout artist will only net you more costs in the whole process of booklet printing. So go right ahead and try to acquire or download some of those booklet templates. It is easy to get some free ones online. Use those booklet templates as a basis for your layout and you should be easily well under way with your booklet printing at little to no cost whatsoever in a very fast manner.

Once you have that template, all you have to do is to just keep inserting your content into the color booklet layout and you should have an easily made fast draft within a few minutes. It is that easy to get a quick working draft for your booklet printing.

• Fast additional resource inserts – To further quicken your booklet production; you can use a few fast resources to insert pictures and other types of enhancements to your color booklets. The Internet is one of your best resources for images, fonts, and other types of design enhancements such as dividers etc. Typically you can get a lot of these things for free, and all your really have to do is to copy and paste, or to download and use these elements. You can easily make your color booklets look quite professional looking within moments, all for free and all in a fast manner.

• Fast checking at the speed of light – Once your draft is done, you can save a lot of time in processing and checking your booklet by utilizing the automatic checking and correction of text content in your software. Spell checks and grammar checks are already present in most desktop publishing applications today, and you can easily take advantage in a few clicks of the mouse. I recommend that you review each item these features flag down though so that you can set what will be accepted as a correction and what is not. Done efficiently, you should be able to check your whole color booklet’s content within 10-15 minutes.

• Fast booklet printing online – Finally, we come to booklet printing. The printing and binding of booklet usually takes the most time. However, if you have your custom booklets printed online on rush order, it is well possible to get those prints within 24 hours. That is right! Rush online booklet printing can be done easily by just browsing for an online booklet printing company. You just need to choose the most affordable one that gives decent prices for rush jobs.

If you do choose carefully, you will have your customized color booklets within a day with the most minimal resources used for designing and printing. So try printing booklets online today! It is well worth the effort and the speed will be to your advantage.

Great! Now you know how to make those cheap booklets fast without too much trouble.

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